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Review of western farming philosophies and how to learn from Mātauranga Māori to develop trans-cultural farming systems

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posted on 2023-08-08, 04:06 authored by Estelle DominatiEstelle Dominati, Mike DoddMike Dodd, Garry Watson

This think piece is part of a research project for the National Science challenge “Our Land and Water” funded in June 2022. The overall project is led by Garry Watson (Ngā Uri o te Ngahere Trust) representing Kohimarama Aotearoa, a regional network of whenua Māori land blocks in Northland, east Cape and Bay of Plenty.

The broader project investigates Early Māori Agricultural Entrepreneurship, and how Historical Māori land use practice, and more specifically 1840-1864, the “golden years” of Māori agricultural entrepreneurship, could inform the creation of new production models that are socially responsive, non-exploitative, high-value and world-leading.

This report, prepared with AgResearch, investigates more specifically what has driven the development of the western agricultural systems in Aotearoa-New Zealand that Māori have adopted. In particular, what influences have led those system to the present point, at which they are considered to be failing to meet sustainability goals (most especially Māori cultural goals). We also examine, from within the western agricultural paradigm, how the agricultural science community has itself examined past mistakes and came up with solutions to ensure a more sustainable future for agriculture worldwide.

This report was prepared jointly by AgResearch staff and Mr Watson.


Our Land and Water Think Piece


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