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A coordinated international development effort to improve plant protection and strengthen resilience is needed in the Pacific

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posted on 2023-08-10, 21:42 authored by Sulav PaudelSulav Paudel, Trevor Jackson, Disna Gunawardana, Monica Gruber, Lynley Hayes

Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs), face common challenges in plant protection due to their relatively fragile environments and susceptibility to invasion by exotic pests, diseases, and weeds. The introduction and spread of weeds, pests and diseases is having a significant impact on the ecosystem, economy, food security, and human health of these islands. Despite successful past and ongoing efforts led by Aotearoa New Zealand, and other international and local scientists and practitioners, to manage and control pests of economic importance within PICTs, the issue remains a significant challenge. Many government ministries and departments, crown enterprises, universities and other agencies in New Zealand contribute to the development effort in PICTs. The current harm and risks arising from invasive species are growing due to increased trade and travel and the impacts of climate change. With the limited resources, including people, in PICTs, a coordinated international development effort is necessary to address these challenges in the Pacific region. Greater collaboration from Aotearoa New Zealand is critical to ensure our work is synchronised and streamlined. Donors must also provide consistency and continuity in funding to sustain these efforts. By working together, New Zealand partners and donors can support Pacific nations to better manage and control existing and emerging pests, to strengthen resilience, and safeguard their environment, biodiversity, food security, and human health.


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