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Yield depression in New Zealand potato crops associated with soil compaction and soil-borne diseases

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posted on 2023-05-03, 19:26 authored by Sarah Sinton, Richard Falloon, Peter Jamieson, Esther MeenkenEsther Meenken, Farhat Shah, Hamish Brown, Steven Dellow, Alex Michel, John Fletcher
In New Zealand, potato crop yields of 90 t ha−1 are achievable but at 55 t ha−1, the average is becoming economically unsustainable. In 2012/13, a grower-initiated survey found that Rhizoctonia solani and Spongospora subterranea (soil-borne pathogens) and soil compaction were widespread in 11 Canterbury potato crops. Targeted areas in these crops had measured yield losses of 0 (healthy plants) – 42 (diseased, resource constrained plants) t ha−1, limiting the farmer-measured field yield to a 56 t ha−1 average. In 2014/15, growth, water use and health of three contrasting crops were measured. Near-potential yield was achieved in one crop when disease incidence and severity were low and resources adequate. The other two crops yielded less than potential; one had an inadequate water supply and the other widespread soil-borne disease. Any suspected links between soil-borne disease, soil compaction and yield were further investigated by using them as factors in replicated experiments reported elsewhere.


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Sinton, S. M., Falloon, R. E., Jamieson, P. D., Meenken, E. D., Shah, F. A., Brown, H. E., Dellow, S. J., Michel, A. J., & Fletcher, J. D. (2022). Yield depression in New Zealand potato crops associated with soil compaction and soil-borne diseases. American Journal of Potato Research, 99, 160–173.

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