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UV and visible light exposure to hair leads to widespread changes in the hair lipidome

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posted on 2023-05-03, 21:11 authored by Alastair RossAlastair Ross, Evelyne MaesEvelyne Maes, Erin LeeErin Lee, Ines HomewoodInes Homewood, Jennifer Marsh, Stephanie Davis, Robert Willicut
Objective: Scalp hair is among the most exposed parts of the human body, yet the impact of visible and UV light on hair lipids, an important structural component of hair, is poorly researched. We have used lipidomics, a broad-based approach to measure lipids in samples, which has hitherto not been applied to UV-exposed hair in the published literature, and could allow for a wider understanding of how UV light impacts on specific hair lipids. Methods: Mixed blonde Caucasian hair switches were divided into two groups of five, with half of the hair switches exposed to UV and visible light mimicking normal daytime exposure and half left unexposed. LC-MS lipidomics was used to profile the lipids in the hair samples. Results: A total of 791 lipids and 32 lipid classes with tentative identifications were detected in the hair samples. Nineteen lipid classes and 397 lipids differed between UV-treated and non-treated hair. The main lipid classes that differed were vitamin A fatty acid esters, sterol esters, several ceramides, mono-, di- and triglycerides, phosphatidylethanolamines (all decreased in UV-exposed hair) and bismonoacylglycerolphosphates, acylcarnitines and acylglycines (all increased in UV-exposed hair). Most detected lipids were decreased in UV-exposed hair, supporting earlier work that has found that UV exposure causes oxidation of lipids which would result in a decrease in most lipid classes. Conclusion: Light exposure to hair has a widespread impact on the hair lipidome. This study also adds to the emerging literature on the hair lipidome, broadening the range of lipid classes reported in hair.


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Ross, A. B., Maes, E., Lee, E. J., Homewood, I., Marsh, J. M., Davis, S. L., & Willicut, R. J. (2022). UV and visible light exposure to hair leads to widespread changes in the hair lipidome. International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 44(6), 672-684.

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