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The plasma amino acid response to blended protein beverages: a randomised crossover trial

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posted on 2023-05-03, 20:47 authored by Teresa Wegrzyn, Sharon Henare, Natalie Ahlborn, Noha Nasef, Linda SamuelssonLinda Samuelsson, Simon Loveday
Soya–dairy protein blends can extend post-exercise muscle synthesis in young people more than whey protein control. Older adults differ metabolically from young people, and their ability to absorb amino acids from dietary protein is important for muscle function. The objective was to determine how protein source affects postprandial plasma amino acid response and/or metabolomic profile in older adults via a single-blind randomised crossover trial (n 16, males 50–70 years), using three nutritionally equivalent meal replacement drinks containing 30 g protein, from a 1:1 (mass ratio) soya:dairy blend, a 1:2 soya:dairy blend or whey protein. The outcome measures were plasma amino acid concentrations at 0–300 min postprandially and urine metabolomic fingerprint. Soya:dairy drinks gave similar amino acid response in plasma over time and similar urinary metabolite fingerprints. However, there were significant differences in plasma amino acid concentrations and AUC values for the soya:dairy drinks v. the whey protein drink. AUC for Leu, Trp and Lys was lower and AUC for Phe and Pro was higher for the soya:dairy drinks. Differences partly reflected the amino acid profiles of the drinks, but overall plasma amino acid response patterns were qualitatively unchanged. Plasma amino acid differences between the whey protein drink and the soya:dairy blends were reflected in urine metabolite patterns. In conclusion, postprandial plasma amino acid responses were broadly similar, irrespective of protein source (and soya:dairy ratio). There were significant differences for some plasma amino acid concentrations, reflecting different amino acid profiles of the protein source and influencing urine metabolite fingerprints.


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Wegrzyn, T. F., Henare, S., Ahlborn, N., Nasef, N. A., Samuelsson, L. M., & Loveday, S. M. (2022). The plasma amino acid response to blended protein beverages: A randomised crossover trial. British Journal of Nutrition, 128(8), 1555-1564.

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