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The coconut rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes rhinoceros) outbreak is well established on Efate, Vanuatu

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posted on 2023-08-01, 23:26 authored by Sulav PaudelSulav Paudel, Trevor Jackson, Sylvie Boulekouran, Jeffline Tasale, Bill Garae, Patricia Allanson, Mark Ero, Sean MarshallSean Marshall

The presence of coconut rhinoceros beetle (CRB: Oryctes rhinoceros) was reported on Efate, Vanuatu in 2019. The beetle population was determined to belong to the CRB-S group (Clade II), similar to populations found in the Bismark Archipelago, Papua New Guinea. An introduction of the CRB-G group (Clade IA) was discovered in 2021. Damage mapping, beetle trapping and genomic identification show that CRB-S has now spread around about half of the island from the site of the original introduction. CRB-G is mainly restricted to the seaport and surrounding areas of Port Vila with some outlying specimens. Through the efforts of Biosecurity Vanuatu, O. rhinoceros is still contained on the Efate group of islands and has not spread to the major copra-producing islands in other parts of the country. Sanitation efforts appear to have reduced damage from coconut rhinoceros beetle within the zone of first arrival of the pest (Mangaliliu, Efate). Oryctes rhinoceros damage, however, is severe in areas with old plantations and limited sanitation activities (e.g. Mele/Devil's point, Efate). A concerted effort is necessary to contain the beetle on Efate and to reduce further spread and impact on the island.


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