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Plasma elemental responses to red meat ingestion in healthy young males and the effect of cooking method

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posted on 2023-05-03, 14:10 authored by Matthew BarnettMatthew Barnett, Vic Chiang, Amber MilanAmber Milan, Shikha Pundir, Trevor Walmsley, Susan Grant, James Markworth, Siew-Young Quek, Peter George, David Cameron-Smith
Purpose. Elemental deficiencies are highly prevalent and have a significant impact on health. However, clinical monitoring of plasma elemental responses to foods remains largely unexplored. Data from in vitro studies show that red meat (beef) is a highly bioavailable source of several key elements, but cooking method may influence this bioavailability. We therefore studied the postprandial responses to beef steak, and the effects of two different cooking methods, in healthy young males. Methods. In a randomized cross-over controlled trial, healthy males (n=12, 18 – 25 years) were fed a breakfast of beef steak (270 ± 20 g) in which the meat was either pan-fried (PF) or sous-vide (SV) cooked. Baseline and postprandial blood samples were collected and the plasma concentrations of fifteen elements measured by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Results. Concentrations of Fe and Zn changed after meal ingestion, with plasma Fe increasing (p<0.001) and plasma Zn decreasing (p<0.05) in response to both cooking methods. The only potential treatment effect was seen for Zn, where the postprandial area under the curve was lower in response to the SV meal (2,965 ± 357) compared to the PF meal (3,190 ± 310; p<0.05). Conclusions. This multi-element approach demonstrated postprandial responsiveness to a steak meal, and an effect of the cooking method used. This suggests the method would provide insight in future elemental metabolic studies to evaluate responses to meat-based meals, including longer-term interventions in more specifically defined cohorts to clearly establish the role of red meat as an important source of elements.


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Barnett, M. P. G., Chiang, V. S. C., Milan, A. M., Pundir, S., Walmsley, T. A., Grant, S., … Cameron-Smith, D. (2018). Plasma elemental responses to red meat ingestion in healthy young males and the effect of cooking method. European Journal of Nutrition. doi:10.1007/s00394-018-1620-6


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