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Method developments to extract proteins from oil palm chromoplast for proteomic analysis

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posted on 2023-05-03, 20:37 authored by Benjamin Lau, Santanu Deb-Choudhury, James Morton, Stefan ClerensStefan Clerens, Jolon Dyer, Umi Ramli
Proteins from the plant chromoplast are essential for many physiological processes such as fatty acid biosynthesis. Different protein extraction methods were tested to find the most robust method to obtain oil palm chromoplast proteins for mass spectrometry analysis. Initially, two different solvents were employed to reduce the fruit lipids. Then, two plant cell wall digestive enzymes were used to acquire the protoplasts to increase the protein extraction effectiveness. A two-stage centrifugation-based fractionation approach enhanced the number of identified proteins, particularly the fatty acid biosynthetic enzymes. The effectiveness of each extraction method was assessed using protein yields and 2DE gel profiles. The ideal method was successfully used to establish the 2DE chromoplast proteome maps of low and high oleic acid mesocarps of oil palm. Further nanoLC–MS/MS analysis of the extracted chromoplast proteins led to the identification of 162 proteins, including some of the main enzymes involved in the fatty acid biosynthesis. The established procedures would provide a solid foundation for further functional studies, including fatty acid biosynthetic expression profiling and evaluation of regulatory function.


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Lau, B. Y., Deb-Choudhury, S., Morton, J. D., Clerens, S., Dyer, J. M., & Ramli, U.S. (2015). Method developments to extract proteins from oil palm chromoplast for proteomic analysis. SpringerPlus, 4, 791. doi: 10.1186/s40064-015-1576-4

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