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Metabolomic evolution of the postpartum dairy cow uterus

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posted on 2023-12-13, 02:43 authored by Nicolas Aranciaga, Alastair RossAlastair Ross, James MortonJames Morton, Robin McDonaldRobin McDonald, Jess GathercoleJess Gathercole, Debbie BergDebbie Berg

High rates of early pregnancy loss are a critical issue in dairy herds, particularly in seasonal, grazing systems. Components of the uterine luminal fluid (ULF), on which the early embryo depends for sustenance and growth, partly determine early pregnancy losses. Here, changes in ULF from early to mid-postpartum in crossbred dairy cows were explored, linking them with divergent embryo development. For this, the uteri of 87 cows at Day 7 of pregnancy at first and third estrus postpartum were flushed to collect ULF. Eighteen metabolites (chiefly organic acids and sugars) significantly varied in abundance across postpartum, indicating a molecular signature of physiological recovery consistent of the upregulation of pyrimidine metabolism and glycerophospholipid metabolism, and downregulation of pentose phosphate and taurine metabolism pathways. Joint pathway analysis of metabolomics data and a previously generated proteomics data set on the same ULF samples suggests key links between postpartum recovery and subsequent successful embryo development. These include upregulation of VEGFA and downregulation of metabolism, NRF2, T-cell receptor, which appear to improve the ULF's capacity of sustaining normal embryo development, and a putative osmo-protectant role of beta-alanine. These relationships should be further investigated to develop tools to detect and reduce early pregnancy loss in dairy cows.


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