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Empirical assessment of a genomic breeding strategy in perennial ryegrass

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posted on 2023-05-10, 07:39 authored by Marty FavilleMarty Faville, Jana SchmidtJana Schmidt, Michael Trolove, Peter Moran, Won HongWon Hong, Mingshu CaoMingshu Cao, Siva Ganesh, Richard George, Brent BarrettBrent Barrett
In genomic selection (GS) DNA markers and trait data are integrated in a model that then predicts genomic-estimated breeding values (GEBV’s) for individuals using DNA marker information alone, improving breeding efficiency. We assessed a genomic breeding strategy (APWFGS) for improving dry matter yield (DMY) in perennial ryegrass. In APWFGS the best-performing half-sibling families (HS) are identified using phenotypic data and GS is used to select the best individuals within those HS. Four selections were made from three breeding populations: Base (random sample of plants from all HS), HSP (random sample from the six phenotypically-best HS), APWFGS and APWFGS-L (top or bottom 5% of plants, respectively, selected by GEBV from the six HS). Selected plants were polycrossed, creating 12 experimental synthetics that were evaluated as sown rows for DMY (n=7 harvests) in field trials at two locations over 18 months. In each population, mean DMY across locations and harvests showed a trend of APWFGS> HSP>Base. Averaged across all populations, APWFGS increased DMY by 43% (P<0.05) compared to Base, more than twice the level of improvement achieved with conventional HSP. Our results show the APWFGS breeding approach can substantially improve selection response for a genetically complex trait from a single breeding cycle.


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Journal of New Zealand Grasslands




Faville, M. J., Schmidt, J., Trolove, M., Moran, P., Hong, W., Cao, M., Ganesh, S., George, R., & Barrett, B. (2021). Empirical assessment of a genomic breeding strategy in perennial ryegrass. Journal of New Zealand Grasslands, 83, 115–122.

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