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Efficiency of genotyping by sequencing in inferring genomic relatedness and molecular insights into fat tail selection in Tunisian sheep

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posted on 2023-05-03, 22:13 authored by Sonia Bedhiaf-Romdhani, Imen Baazaoui, Ken Dodds, Rudiger BrauningRudiger Brauning, Rayna AndersonRayna Anderson, Tracey Van StijnTracey Van Stijn, Alan McCulloch, John McEwanJohn McEwan
In developing countries, the use of simple and cost-efficient molecular technology is crucial for genetic characterization of local animal resources and better development of conservation strategies. The genotyping by sequencing (GBS) technique, also called restriction enzyme- reduced representational sequencing, is an efficient, cost-effective method for simultaneous discovery and genotyping of many markers. In the present study, we applied a two-enzyme GBS protocol (PstI/MspI) to discover and genotype SNP markers among 197 Tunisian sheep samples. A total of 100 333 bi-allelic SNPs were discovered and genotyped with an SNP call rate of 0.69 and mean sample depth 3.33. The genomic relatedness between 183 samples grouped the samples perfectly to their populations and pointed out a high genetic relatedness of inbred subpopulation reflecting the current adopted reproductive strategies. The genome-wide association study contrasting fat vs. thin-tailed breeds detected 41 significant variants including a peak positioned on OAR20. We identified FOXC1, GMDS, VEGFA, OXCT1, VRTN and BMP2 as the most promising for sheep tail-type trait. The GBS data have been useful to assess the population structure and improve our understanding of the genomic architecture of distinctive characteristics shaped by selection pressure in local sheep breeds. This study successfully investigates a cost-efficient method to discover genotypes, assign populations and understand insights into sheep adaptation to arid area. GBS could be of potential utility in livestock species in developing/emerging countries.


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Animal Genetics




Bedhiaf-Romdhani, S., Baazaoui, I., Dodds, K. G., Brauning, R., Anderson, R. M., Van Stijn, T. C., McCulloch, A. F., & McEwan, J. C. (2023). Efficiency of genotyping by sequencing in inferring genomic relatedness and molecular insights into fat tail selection in Tunisian sheep. Animal Genetics.


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