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Bacterial profiling of Haemonchus contortus gut microbiome infecting Dohne Merino sheep in South Africa

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posted on 2023-05-03, 19:43 authored by T. Mafuna, P. Soma, A. M. Tsotetsi‑Khambule, Charles HeferCharles Hefer, F. C. Muchadeyi, O. M. M. Thekisoe, R. E. Pierneef
A metagenomic approach was used to study the gut microbiome of Haemonchus contortus field strains and that of its predilection site, the abomasum of Dohne Merino sheep. The abomasum contents and H. contortus were collected from 10 naturally infected Dohne Merino sheep. The H. contortus specimens were classified and sexually differentiated using morphometric characters and was further confirmed through molecular identification. We investigated differences and similarities between the bacterial composition of the adult male and female H. contortus gut microbiomes, which were both dominated by bacteria from the Escherichia, Shigella, Vibrio and Halomonas genera. Major abundance variations were identified between the shared adult male and female H. contortus microbiomes. The results also revealed that Succiniclasticum, Rikenellaceae RC9 gut group and Candidatus Saccharimonas were the predominant genera in the Dohne Merino abomasum. This study provides insight into the highly diverse bacterial composition of the H. contortus gut microbiome and the Dohne Merino abomasum which needs to be studied further to explore the complex interactions of different gastrointestinal nematode microbiomes with the host.


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Mafuna, T., Soma, P., Tsotetsi‑Khambule, A. M., Hefer, C. A., Muchadeyi, F. C., Thekisoe, O. M. M., & Pierneef, R. E. (2021). Bacterial profiling of Haemonchus contortus gut microbiome infecting Dohne Merino sheep in South Africa. Scientific Reports, 11, 5905. doi:10.1038/s41598-021-85282-7

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