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A horizon scan for temperate pastoral weed science: A New Zealand perspective

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posted on 2023-05-03, 22:20 authored by Chris BuddenhagenChris Buddenhagen, Graeme BourdotGraeme Bourdot, Mike CrippsMike Cripps, Nigel BellNigel Bell, Paul Champion, Mike DoddMike Dodd, Han Eerens, Hossein Ghanizadeh, Andrew GriffithsAndrew Griffiths, Kerry Harrington, Peter Heenan, Philip Hulme, Trevor JamesTrevor James, John KeanJohn Kean, Shona LamoureauxShona Lamoureaux, Joe Neal, Zachary NgowZachary Ngow, Irena Obadovic, Sofia Orre-Gordon, Helen PercyHelen Percy, Phil Rolston, Katherine TozerKatherine Tozer, Ben Wynne-Jones, Sue ZydenbosSue Zydenbos
Pastures represent about half of the global agricultural area and productivity losses from weeds are significant. The complex interactions between them and other pasture plants, livestock and the environment imply a need for innovative research that transforms pasture management. To this end, a horizon scan was conducted to identify relevant issues, questions, opportunities, and drivers. The drivers were ranked using three criteria: (1) is this a horizon (is the driver likely to become important in 10–20 years?); (2) will the research require stretchy science (is it currently not well addressed by the science community?); (3) is the research transformative (will successful scientific research in this area lead to significant changes to weed management in pastures?). We identified 11 major issues and 46 subordinate ones. The three highest ranked major issues were: (1) anticipated reductions in access to herbicides; (2) rethinking weed management under an ecosystem services paradigm; (3) responding to shifts in best practice and the regulations that are altering farm system planning to reduce farming’s environmental impacts. We conclude that fundamental interdisciplinary research is needed that addresses biosecurity and weed management issues, while reducing the environmental footprint of farming and maintaining productivity.


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Buddenhagen, C. E., Bourdot, G., Cripps, M., Bell, N., Champion, P., Dodd, M., Eerens, H., Ghanizadeh, H., Griffiths, A., Harrington, K., Heenan, P., Hulme, P. E., James, T., Kean, J., Lamoureaux, S., Neal, J., Ngow, Z., Obadovic, I., Orre-Gordon, S., Percy, H., Rolston, P., Tozer, K., Wynne-Jones, B., & Zydenbos, S. (2022). A horizon scan for temperate pastoral weed science: A New Zealand perspective. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research.

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